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The Daily Click Christmas Competition is underway

2010-11-10 13:05:37 by Clickteam

If you are a user of Multimedia Fusion 2 or The Games Factory 2 then maybe you would like to enter the on going contest over at The Daily Click. The rules are pretty simple..
"The objective this year, is quite simply, to create a Christmas-themed game. There are no limitations, except that the game must be created with a Clickteam product. "

So if you fancy a chance at some cool prizes and are feeling the festive season upon you, Perhaps this is you chance to seize some holiday glory by making your winning entry! To get more details on the contest visit the contest page here!

The Daily Click Christmas Competition is underway


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2010-11-15 19:52:38

Im gonna download the games factry 2 now :D