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Vincere Totus Astrum - Made with MMF2

2011-12-08 11:20:11 by Clickteam

Check out Gamesare Studios MMF2 made Flash Game Vincere Totus Astrum, also made available through MMF2 for iOS and Windows PC!

Make sure to read the DIRECTIONS in the HOW TO PLAY!

Vincere Totus Astrum - Made with MMF2

Blob's Adventure, Now with Flash! (No Purchase necessary, Void where prohibited)


2011-02-21 15:06:48 by Clickteam

Watch out for Toasters!

Tukky's Christmas

2010-12-30 09:26:06 by Clickteam

Check out Duncansby Christmas creation "Turkky's Christmas" a very well done platformer styled game done in TGF2 and flash exporter, So many hazards and some many presents to save, I expecially liked how the number of lives was reflected in the presents you where carrying as you attempt to collect certain items and avoid the various obstacles in game. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Tukky's Christmas

We are having a Sale! Woo Hoo

2010-12-01 16:22:28 by Clickteam

For all you TGF2NG users looking to go further with your creations we are having a Holiday Sale. You can get 15% off any of our main creation tools. Enjoy all the functions of The Games Factory 2, Multimedia Fusion 2 or Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer for Less money then I bought it for!!

PM me if you have any questions. .ORDER NOW

Also we will be releasing a new version of TGF2NG for you soon, with some tweeks and a much cooler logo courtesy of our new friends here at Newgrounds.

We are having a Sale! Woo Hoo

Klikcast 21

2010-11-21 11:59:30 by Clickteam

Rikus, long time Click tool user and admin of The Daily Click and Clickteam tool community site has release his latest in a series of webcasts. Klikcast 21!

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We just posted the first of what we hope to be many open source examples, This on "Treasure Runner" is based on the old Lode Runner style of game. Check it out! 11996

New Example File Posted - Treasure Runner

The Daily Click Christmas Competition is underway

2010-11-10 13:05:37 by Clickteam

If you are a user of Multimedia Fusion 2 or The Games Factory 2 then maybe you would like to enter the on going contest over at The Daily Click. The rules are pretty simple..
"The objective this year, is quite simply, to create a Christmas-themed game. There are no limitations, except that the game must be created with a Clickteam product. "

So if you fancy a chance at some cool prizes and are feeling the festive season upon you, Perhaps this is you chance to seize some holiday glory by making your winning entry! To get more details on the contest visit the contest page here!

The Daily Click Christmas Competition is underway

Testing on Iphone Runtime begins

2010-11-10 10:29:17 by Clickteam

Iphone Runtime Testing Underway!

We have begun testing internally the new Iphone runtime. Once complete users of Multimedia Fusion 2 or The Games Factory 2 will be able to buy the Iphone exporter and take their current projects and easily port them into a Iphone runtime. This will make game creation for the iOS platform even easier!

Testing on Iphone Runtime begins